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June 2017

Hello there!
We are flying from Kolkota India on 21 June 2017.

It has been a wonderful and heart wrenching experience . We have seen the most beautiful mountains and nature and the most staggering hardships ever. Coming from Africa we are used to meeting and seeing poor people and have visited slum areas. But the poverty in India,  especially in the cities, was overwhelming.With that goes the spiritual blinded eyes of people trapped in religion; mostly Hinduism and Islam.

It seems impossible  that 1.3 billion people can make a living in such a land of extremes. It has been very difficult for me to take photos of people in India.In all the other countries we visited it was easier , but here it felt so intrusive to expose people’s hardships written over their faces and lives.
 For both of us it has been a very emotional experience. We also felt spiritually attacked. Alna was sick during our time here, people stole from us, and spiritually everything felt overwhelming.

On a positive side we had very  fruitful meetings with different workers here. There are possibilities and God will show us clearly if He would like us to return to India. It is not a country you volunteer for and long-term visas are not easily obtainable for South Africans. So please pray that we will only follow God’s direction.

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We will be returning to Malaysia to where our journey started 3 months ago. There are opportunities for us also in Indonesia were long term visas can also be a challenge to obtain. But praise God, if he wants us in any of these two countries then He will make a way. Please pray that we will only follow where God is leading.

Thank you  for your love and support.  Please share some of your news so we can also pray for you. Ramadan is ending soon. Thank you for your prayers for the M all over the world.

Lots of love Erich  and Alna

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